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*Intrapersonal Diversity - The variety of interests, skills and experiences you have, enabling you to enjoy (and contribute to) the breadth of the Human Experience

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This is Leo!
Leo REALLY wants to have a positive impact on the lives of other humans.

But he doesn’t have ONE passion. 

Leo has LOTS of interests, and limiting himself to only one makes him cringe! 

But, the internet tells Leo that he NEEDS to discover his passion and go to college in order to make a difference... sad face.

That is, until he discovered da Vinci’s Dream!

Join the Team!

Are you tired of being bombarded with specialist dogma? Do you lack the support of others who are on a similar journey to embrace their many interests? Do you desire to connect with other multipotentialites in a genuine and encouraging environment?

I assure you, you are not alone.

Whether you are new to the world of multipotentiality, or a respected master polymath, the da Vinci's Dream Team community is the space that will enable you to shamelessly embrace your internal diversity. 
Meet Marquize
Marquize is a self-proclaimed Renaissance Man, seeking to impact lives through his dedication to life-long learning and interest in the vast potential of the intrapersonal diversity within each of us. He believes the growth of humanity will stagnate, until society accepts that the breadth of internal diversity is crucial for a person's development.

Marquize has lead organizations, created safe places for curious youth, delivered speeches inspiring unity, and even planned conferences for thousands of attendees. Marquize understands the world will be changed one person at a time, and revels in every opportunity to expand the breadth of his Human Experience. 

After devoting three years to studying at one of the top engineering universities in America, Marquize made the unpopular decision to withdraw and take responsibility for creating the life that would give him the most fulfillment! Marquize empowers others to do the same with his dedicated and infectious approach to life; he continues to inspire those who follow his hunger for change.
What People Are Saying

"Marquize sees the world from multiple perspectives, and has the rare ability to see something as it is and as it could be. Keep your eye on this guy; he’s capable of traveling deep within himself, and across the globe in search of a meaningful life."

- Jon Leydens, PhD

"I was very impressed with your leadership and maturity, Marquize. Keep innovating and leading!"

– Karl Reid, Ed.D

"Marquize is a self-directed creative leader with a strong vision for how to make the world a better place.  He has a passion for humanity combined with an intellect that can tackle even very difficult engineering and science problems."

- Angus Rockett, PhD
"Unleash The Polymath Within"
Community Challenge
Author John Augustus Shedd once stated "A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." Likewise, people dedicated to a single facet of the Human Experience are often safe, but that is NOT what we were built for. We are meant to explore the depths of spirituality, become entranced by a variety of intellectual pursuits, live in the ecstasy of sexual experiences, develop an understanding of our complex emotional states, and consistently uplift one another along the way. We are meant to plunge ourselves wholeheartedly into the breadth of the Human Experience, nothing less.

Society dictates to wanderers and settlers alike, the key to success is "finding your passion." But passion is not a vehicle to success, it is a byproduct. As a result, people are capable of creating many passions, and should not seek to limit themselves to only one. In fact, as an individual that understands the value of using learning to create a larger understanding of the world you live in, you have the unique potential to create a fulfilling life in many different ways. Many multipotentialites become paralyzed by this realization, allowing their options to overwhelm them. In my experience, the only holistic antidote is to craft an evolved self-awareness, and determine the plan of action(s) that support conscious decision-making towards your goals.

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