"Unleash The Polymath Within"
Develop an evolved self-awareness so you can finally leverage your true diversity and create a life rooted in principles that matter to you 
Your Community Challenge Begins 
Wednesday, January 1st, 2020 

Most people believe devoting their lives to a single passion is the only way to experience genuine fulfillment 

From a young age you have been encouraged to determine the single occupation that you would use to contribute to the betterment of humanity. Despite your interest in the arts, technology, sports and spirituality, everyone you have ever looked up to repeatedly asked you a single question as a child, "What do you want to be when you grow up." In other words, what one interest do you have that is more important than all of the others combined? Of course, this question is asked out of love. Those people you looked up to did not want you to grow up to be a confused adult, lacking the clarity needed to experience meaningful work. They were simply misguided. 

As a child, you should have been asked "What do you want to accomplish when you grow up." 

This question encourages your growth as a holistic human being, and shifts the emphasis from your identity to your impact. This simple shift in perspective is all we need for future generations to grow up with the empowering belief that they can contribute to the arts, medicine, entertainment, and the sciences of the mind, equally, without being shunned by their peers. If the goal is to leave the Earth better off than we found it, why are we continuously encouraged to restrict ourselves to impacting only one aspect of the Human Experience? 

"A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for" -John A. Shedd

The truth is, fulfillment is easier to obtain when you have many interests and are open to developing multiple passions 

The reality is, thanks to our unprecedented access to information, you no longer need to specialize in a single aspect of the Human Experience in order to impact the lives of other people, or massively improve your own sense of fulfillment. Instead, there are only three things you need to consistently focus on:
  • Consciously determining the values that establish how you will respond to the never-ending opportunities and obstacles that surround you. Rather than reacting to situations in the moment, proactively decide what outcomes will lead you to your life of fulfillment. 
  • Understanding your interests so you can appropriately leverage the knowledge that you have acquired thus far. If applied knowledge is power, proper organization and awareness of the knowledge that you continue to accumulate is crucial to leveraging that power.  
  • ​Committing to a purpose greater than yourself, simultaneously allowing you to utilize your various interests while breathing life into the embers of potential passions. It is by helping others that you will begin to understand that passion is the result of fulfillment, not the cause.

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else" -Booker T. Washington

Is This Challenge Right For You?

If you are familiar with online courses, you are undoubtedly familiar with the lack of success the average student has with them as well. The fact remains, online courses are an incredible platform for sharing knowledge, but lack the ability to guarantee results for the student. 

I do not want to share information with you. I want to challenge you to change your perception of the amount of control you have over your life's fulfillment, and provide you the resources you need to accomplish this feat. That said, everything about this Community Challenge, from the structure, to the content, was created with this purpose in mind.

This Challenge is for you if you are tired of living by society's limiting rules. More importantly, this Challenge is for you if you are committed to doing the work, each week, for 30 days and beyond, to create the life that you deserve. I can only provide the quest, you must be willing to leave the harbor and take the journey. 

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing" -Walt Disney

Your Challenge... Should You Choose To Accept It

Action vs. Motion

  • Understand the difference between action and motion (and determine when to use them) so you can implement tangible productivity into your life immediately

The Polymathic Principles

  • Define your life's destination so you can start making decisions that benefit you rather than wandering between interests aimlessly

Understanding Your Multipotentiality

  • Intuitively organize your primary interests so you can intentionally leverage the diversity that truly makes you unique more often

Determining Your Values

  • Define your values in a way that resonates with you but also encourages you to take action and enables you to streamline your decision making process during uncertain circumstances

Your (WHY) Simplified

  • Craft a clear and illustrative (WHY) that imbues your spirit with energy, and finally understand exactly HOW you are going to impact the Human Experience

Your (WHY) In Action

  • Create the vivid plan of action(s) that you will continuously reference in order to sustain motivation when your excitement inevitable begins to fade

YOUR Results In Mind!

We refuse to prioritize long hours of video instruction over the work that really matters. Within each of the six modules listed above, you will have access to the following:

  • 2 - 7 min video shattering the limiting beliefs preventing you from making progress
  • ​5 - 15 min video explaining the technique needed to initiate radical change
  • (Optional) worksheets giving you control over your participation in the reshaping process  
  • A single (required) task allowing you to focus on the deliverable that will tangibly affect your life 
  • ​Short, targeted quizzes so you can better retain the information that matters to you 
  • Satisfaction that you are doing all you can to acquire the mental clarity that you desire

In some instances, additional resources will be added IF AND ONLY IF they supplement progress towards the goal that matters most! 

So, Here's What You Get:

  • The Challenge Material - Equipped With All Of The Resources Mentioned Above ($497 value)
  • Homo Universalis Directory Of Products To Help You Live Your Best Polymathic Life ($97 value)
  • ​Lifetime Access To The da Vinci's Dream Team Community ($4,997 value) 
  • Guaranteed da Vinci's Dream Team Founding Member Swag ($47 value)
  • Special 10% Discount On All Events Sponsored By da Vinci's Dream ($297 value)
  • Chance To Win Various Awards Within The Challenge ($30 - $150 value)
  • An Evolved Self Awareness To Propel You Towards Fulfillment (Priceless)

What Makes This Challenge Unique?

  • 30 Days of Accountability, Consistency, and Shattering Your Limiting Beliefs
  • ​Coupled With Lifetime Access To An Exclusive Community By Multipotentialites, For Multipotentialites
  • ​Infused With Essential Gamification Elements, Rewarding Those Who Genuinely Engage With Material and Fellow Challengers
  • ​ Determined To Alter The Way You View Your Multipotentiality Forever

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